Friday, November 20, 2009

... I Am

I have a question...can you honestly sit there and tell someone who you really are?

I am... black, the color of chocolate. Controlling and selfish but also giving. I hate being told that I'm wrong, especially when I know I'm right. I don't like to be alone but content with lonely nights. I have the habit of speaking before I think. If I ever hurt your feelings it was never intentional. I've been lied to, beat down and hurt before...I've lied, beat up and hurt plenty of people before.

I am... a survivor, been dragged through the mud, felt what hell was like, visited heaven and I'm still on the boarder line. I constantly tell people that I don't have a lot of friends, I just know a lot of people. I know the feeling of hate all to well and been the victim of envy. I know I don't live in a perfect world, I just want it to feel perfect for the moment.

I remind you of so many people: your sister, ex-girlfriend, best friend, pass lover...but at the end of the day, I'm just me.

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